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    PLKB Raw


    5-Line Freestyle | Wakestyle
    This product includes: kite, bag, inner bag, repair pack and manual
    Recommended bar: Navigator Bar V6 – Raw version (for 5-line)


    Peter Lynn Raw

    The name says it all! The Raw is our brand new 5 line wakestyle kite made for maximum pop and slack line, created only for those who want to push their wakestyle riding. Featuring a 5th line, the Raw is all about power, tricks and speed. It’s built for explosive pops, direct feel and slack during your unhooked tricks. The Raw’s 5 strut design makes this kite strong, stable and predictable during tricks. Is a one handle-pass trick not enough for you? Or are you ready to take your megaloops, boogie loops and big air tricks to the next level? Then you will definitely want to try this brand new Raw monster!


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